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Welcome to Israel’s private and group tours. As one of the world leaders in cultural and spiritual terms, small group experiences since 1992, we connect you to the real Israel Tours and treks in a way like no other. A Biblical destination known for its diversity of faith and ancestry, the intrigue of Israel tours will take you on a rewarding journey to treasure for a lifetime, a journey of all interests with remarkable depths of historical, cultural, and spiritual Israel Tours. Stroll through Israel’s vibrant cities where antiquity and modernity are in harmony. This holy land was and still will be the cradle of biblical Abrahamic Religions. Only in Israel can you simultaneously hear the Islamic call to prayer while witnessing a picture of revered rabbis being sold in a shop and the bells of a church shimmering.

On all our Israel overland cultural tours, you will explore historical and religious sites where significant events have impacted the religions that dominate the world, etching out the history of humankind. Despite being in the cradle of civilizations, Israel offers historical, cultural, and spiritual tours on which you’ll experience moments of pure awe beyond the ancient and sacred. So soak up the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, admire contemporary art, and slip into a vibrant mood of the joy of life to eat, drink and be merry. Signing up for any of our small group tours, you will be exposed to Israel’s multiple layers of diversity that move beyond systems of belief. Not least of all in the addictive cuisine - teeming with an intensity of scent and spice - and incredible landscapes surrounding the Dead Sea. Travel with Sarah Discoveries us and unlock the infinite possibilities of discovering the sacred and secular at best. If our scheduled Israel group tours and treks are not for you, call on us to tailor a personal customized journey just for you. Our best asset is our unrivaled guides, which would make our tours to Israel most rewarding whether you are traveling on one of our group package tours or a private customized trip if you prefer independent travel. Check our scheduled departure dates for tours to Israel for 2023 and 2024.

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Israel Luxury Tours

Allow us to introduce to you the best of Israel’s history and culture with our Luxury escorted tours, luxury private FITs trips, luxury private limousines, and excellent private guides; discover our choice of Best first-class guesthouses and luxury boutique hotels, dining in the best restaurants and Palaces Israel has to offer.

Israel Ecotourism

Explore our cultural and eco-tours walking, hiking, trekking pristine trails, and horseback riding in the breathtaking landscapes of Israel. Discover our sustainable and responsible Israel Ecotours at all budgets.

Israel Culinary Tours

Enjoy healthy Jewish cuisine by taking a cooking class with Israel-renowned chefs to learn about the secrets of the traditional Israeli staples, spices, preserves, medicinal herbs, and condiments to enrich your life.

Sacred and Spiritual

Here is another trend few can offer in Israel. Another dimension of Israel’s spiritual tours is self-growth by visiting venerated places with eminent Kabala stoics and Rabbinic Masters. Take unique Israel spiritual journeys and retreats you will treasure for a lifetime.

Events and festivals

Journey with us to visit special fairs of holy places, Take our tour to Desert Bethlehem, explore the magic of Easter, and join an open-air Daat Elyon for self-fulfillment; Ramadan fasting month is an exciting time to discover another aspect of Israel, Desert music festival, natural healing at the Dead Sea, Jewish, Muslim and Christian music and festivities and much more overland cultural treks and spiritual tours to Israel.

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