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Morocco Discoveries, Inc. was honored by His Majesty Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, with a Wissam Chevalier of Al Mukafaa Alwatania (the Merit of the Nation). This prestigious recognition is in appreciation of the organization's outstanding ecological and responsible initiatives, as well as its significant contributions to the development of cultural and sustainable travel programs in the Kingdom of Morocco.
Hamid Mernissi

Dear Traveler,

Embark on a journey that promises to capture your imagination and stir your soul. Consider the enchanting destination of Morocco, a perennial favorite among discerning, dynamic, and eco-conscious travelers and travel agents alike. Our Morocco Tours feature both fixed and tailored programs, offering a range of active expeditions, eco-friendly adventures, and green trips tailored for small groups or private custom tours. With extensive experience in Morocco, we, as experts, have delved into its cultural richness and embraced its active spirit, crafting unique natural, green, and eco-friendly tours. Our carefully planned trips aim to instill in you a deep appreciation and excitement for the natural and cultural wonders of magnificent Morocco. Each cultural tour to Morocco unfolds a tapestry of experiences—from the spontaneous ruggedness of the Atlas Mountains to the exquisite serenity of Fes, a city beyond time.

We strive to cater to your every need during your adventure or cultural exploration of Morocco. This includes the flexibility to customize any itinerary and arrange specific accommodations for your active or cultural private Morocco tour, among other considerations.

The meticulous planning of each Morocco trip transpires in our Casablanca office. Upon your arrival to commence your tour in Morocco, you will be warmly welcomed with the hospitality that defines our nation. Our professional drivers and guides eagerly await you at the airport, ready to kickstart your active or cultural journey in Morocco. The Morocco Tours DMC family takes immense pride in showcasing our country to you, with each guide bringing a wealth of knowledge and love for Morocco—an enthusiasm you're sure to share by the end of your stay!

Welcome to Morocco, a realm of marvels spanning cultural, natural, spiritual, and experimental active eco-green tours. Our offerings encompass responsible, green, eco-friendly, and in-depth cultural encounters, providing authentic experiences throughout Morocco. Whether in small group expeditions or private tours, we invite you to revel in the wonders of Morocco—an insider's perspective awaits. Anticipate the creation of beautiful memories as we embark on this journey together.

Kind regards,
Dr. Hamid Mernissi
Morocco Discoveries, Inc.